Lounge sets

The cover is made of a luxurious PP textile with coating, and is waterproof (incl. the seams), UV-resistant and colourfast. Your precious lounge set is perfectly protected against the weather. The cover is secured to the garden set using Velcro strips. NOTE: to prevent moisture damage, only cover the lounge set once it’s dry. Store any cushions in a dry area indoors to prevent moisture damage.

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Trendsetter in protective covers

Winza Outdoor Covers™ is a pioneering specialist in protective covers for garden furniture. We design new products in close collaboration with our partners and clients, focusing on high quality, dependable delivery times and excellent service. We believe strongly that combining economic success with care for the environment and social responsibility leads to a much more sustainable business model.

This is the best way for us to contribute to creating a future that is fit for both current and future generations.